EC2 AMI with Smalltalk and Seaside: Update 3

Today I published a new version of the Amazon EC2 image with Smalltalk and Seaside. The third version contains the following software:

  • Ubuntu Server 32bit 10.04 LTS (release 2010-09-23)
  • Apache HTTP Server 2.2
  • SqueakVM Unix VM
  • PharoCore 1.1.1
  • Seaside 3.0

The AMI identification: ami-c2fe0aab

The update to the Ubuntu server makes it easier to run the AMI as a Micro (t1.micro) instance type. This is currently the smallest and cheapest EC2 image type. The image type is very well suited for running Seaside web applications. When your application becomes more popular you can scale by using a bigger instance type or by running multiple instances.

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