VisualWorks version of Cloudfork is ready for use

All the functionality of Cloudfork-AWS is now also available for Cincom VisualWorks 7.6. With Cloudfork-AWS you can access the Amazon S3, SQS and SimpleDB services from a simple to use Smalltalk interface. The code is available on the Cincom Public Repository.

Cloudfork has been designed and implemented with portability in mind. Early in the development, we refactored classes and methods such that a large portion of the packages were platform (Squeak,VA Smalltalk, VisualWorks) independent. In addition, we paid a lot of attention to avoid indirect dependencies with other open-source projects such as Seaside. Therefore our implementation should work in “clean images” with minimal dependencies (some packages are required such as SHA and Http client).

In case of the VisualWorks port, I spent most of the time getting all the Date codecs working (RFC822, RFC3339, ISO8601) and the Http requests (all the Http verbs). In particular getting streaming support for GET and PUT turned out to be quite an investigation into the inner workings of the standard HttpClient. There are also some issues with the appearant auto-inclusion of Http headers and the case-sensitivity of headers keys.  Both the streaming support and Http headers will require some rework. Uploading and downloading of large S3 Objects is not very efficient at the moment.

For installation instructions and for reporting issues, you can use our project page on Google code: InstallingForVisualWorks

BTW: my VW tests are green too:-)

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